Secret Sexlife of a Married Closet Manslut (surferjake) wrote,
Secret Sexlife of a Married Closet Manslut

OH, look! It's alive!

Hey there. I've been real busy.

Plus, I've been doing naughty naughty things that have been taking up a bit of the free time I usually use for here.

But, I wanted to wish some birthdays -

Happy April Birthdays to mremmy, amy_xxx, nekkidsoul, glamourink and fuck_hole.

Those of you who are gone, maybe you still come around and check things out, so, there you go.

Happy Birthday. If you'd like a little story as a gift, or more, let me know!
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Tell us all about the naughty naughty things. Please. :)
Shall I make you blush?

Yes please! What have you been up to? I want details. :)
Well, there have been naughty nights alone (yes, alone)in hotel rooms..

chatting on IM and ending up with two fingers in my arse and legs covered in come...

The incident with the cable installation girl, who complained mutiple times how she was sore from raking leaves all weekend, and I jokingly offered her a massage...