Secret Sexlife of a Married Closet Manslut (surferjake) wrote,
Secret Sexlife of a Married Closet Manslut

Appreciation Day

After being out of town for the past few days, I have to thank all of you who continue to post such fabulous pictures, links and stories.

I know, I know, I've been lacking myself for a bit. Though, I do have to admit I'm having quite a lot of fun via email with blues_alibi who is simply hot, hot, hot (hope you don't mind me saying so). She'd be in for quite a ride if I ever ran into her in an empty hall - hell, a crowded restaurant even. If it were a restaurant, hopefully one with long tablecloths so I could crawl under the table and surreptitiously do all sorts of things.. but I digress.

Hmm.. I feel a story idea coming on. No pun intended.
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I wouldn't mind watching you two ;)
Just watching?
No, no.. thank you!



June 16 2008, 04:15:41 UTC 9 years ago

Как-то раз я лазил по нету и,
задавая вопросы, находил интересные и не очень интересные ответы.
Одним из которых был –«Авария на чернобыльской АЭС ,4 энергоблок» .
Стало интересно и листая сайты я просто ужасался.
Один мой коллега по работе ,в прошлом дозиметрист,
рассказал о своём знакомом который был ликвидатором последствий этой аварии,
правда или нет не знаю. Но говорил что –«пожарные которые тушили пожар там...



June 17 2008, 02:19:12 UTC 9 years ago

Somehow time I climbed on is not present and, asking questions, found interesting and not so interesting answers. One of which was - « FailureAccident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, 4 power unit ». I became interesting and thumbing through sites was simply horrified. One I the fellow worker, in the past the meter man, has told about the friend which was the liquidator of consequences of this failureaccident, the truth or not I do not know. But spoke that - « firemen which extinguished a fire there, by turns washed in a showersoul groups, and muzhiks because of an irradiation were shone in darkness, but to live ithim remains few hours ».